Be the Superhero of forgiveness.


How many of us start our day with forgiveness? I know I never did, until now.





So many of us go through our day to day routine of allowing the energy around us to affect the way we live.

So often we let small things like someone who drives like a maniac affect us long after the effects of ‘dodging that accident’. Then there’s also that occasional instance where a rude shop assistant rubs you up the wrong way and it just spoils the whole shopping experience for you and may even ruin your day.

Is it all worth it though?I’m not saying that you’re not entitled to being upset or disgruntled by the behavior of a person or experiences around you, but I am saying that how you look at it may be the key to living better.

I’ve read SO MANY articles and watched many videos on how to find inner peace and how to stress less. Not many have spoken about forgiveness though. Acceptance is definitely one thing, but forgiveness is something else. So many posts have spoken about accepting reality and finding peace within yourself for a healthier and more abundant state of being, but isn’t there something missing to the equation?

You can’t just jump from a feeling of anger or rage into a state of acceptance for what is. You have to find your way there. Often, we don’t. Not without the help of  guided meditation or a shrink, or some self help material you find online anyway. Even when we use these methods we sometimes find ourselves not having truly dealt with the problem at all and we go right back to being confused and upset all over again. The cycle just continues… If we let it, that is.


Forgiveness has shown remarkable results in the human body to actually take the infamous term called “weight off” one’s shoulders. Studies have shown that improvement in muscle performance is increased once someone has forgiven something or someone else and the forgiver’s overall emotional state is almost immediately stronger. On a metaphysical level the environment around the ‘forgiver’ also shifts to promote better outcomes and experiences in their life. 

So what does one do to attain this extraordinary super power?

Either take your first opportunity in the morning or a moment in your day and just close your eyes. Imagine you’re in that situation that caused you so much distress in the past and offer it forgiveness. Imagine speaking to the person or thing that upset you as if they were right in front of you and say ‘I forgive you’ and really make peace with it or them. Do whatever you need to do to add to the emotion of the exercise. Shake hands with the person, hug them, kiss them, hold hands, cuddle, sit up shoulder to shoulder. It makes it all the more life-changing.

So much of the time we get upset because we would like things a certain way. We forget that the people and situations around us are also on their own path and have a purpose to fulfill everyday. Different things have the ability to affect our emotional stability in various ways. So try including an evaluation into your exercise of why things happened the way it did and possibly why the person you had a confrontation with acted in a way that displeased you. When you do this the feeling of acceptance for ‘what is’ washes over you in a way that it didn’t before and you learn to become more patient in the understanding of people and situations around you.

This is a powerful tool, not just for you, but especially for those around you. Compassion is a superpower that has the ability to change the world. It all starts with You!



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