Time… A timeless concept.

Have you ever taken a moment to think about how time affects us in our daily lives?

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There’s never enough time… No time like the present… Time is a ticking time bomb. That’s what they say anyway. The same people that time has engulfed in it’s anonymity and yet still resonates into the future of humanity.

It’s amazing how time sometimes has the capacity to almost never run out and how sometimes it just goes by too quickly for our own enjoyment.

Is time just a meaningless concept though? A measure made by man to challenge himself to the will of an invisible boundary line, or is time just a factor in the evolutionary cycle of intelligence?

Everything takes time to grow and develop. Time is not a mirage of some sort. It is the underlying current of existence. A current that flows into the ocean of consciousness so that we can are able to perceive change and it’s influence in our physical state of being.

Time is the one constant that never seems to run out no matter how many deadlines or time constraints we place on ourselves. We can never truly be behind schedule or ahead of time..

Time is unashamedly timeless. It is always present and though we may refer to time being future or past, it is always exactly how it supposed to be at any given moment in our lives.


So live eternally… Because whether you choose to love or hate it, time is all we have. 

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