Laughter is truly the best medicine!

white-woman-black-man-laughing-on-trainHave you ever tried to make a statement with your laughter? Funny question huh? No… I’m not talking about having to deliberately laugh loud enough while pretending to have a good time with someone in a coffee shop after you see your ex walk in… I’m actually talking about that belly rumbling laugh.  The kind that has you gasping for air afterwards. Have you ever laughed so hard that you felt your gut would give in or your eyes would start the joyful waterworks as an automatic response? Those are the best kinds of laughs one can express! Not just for happiness in general, but for your overall well-being…

Now you might ask, “what if nothing is funny enough to laugh at?” or “what if people around me think I’m being tickled by plain idiocy?”

Well, to answer these questions:

1. There are plenty of things to laugh at that are easily accessible because of mediums like social media, the internet and technology in general. All you have to do is search for something funny and sooner or later you will find the kind of thing that tickles you pink (Because laughing till you’re blue in the face would require a call to 911 and that is not the objective here people!). You could try the old prank on a friend if you know they are lighthearted enough to enjoy the joke or you can simply think back to things that interested you or made you laugh when you were younger . Whatever it is you look to for a good laugh, you will probably find it and it will put a bounce in your step almost instantly.

2. Who cares what other people think of you? We spend too much time worrying about the impression we give to other people, but is there really any worth in that? You might actually find that the very people you are scared of having fun around are probably feeling the same things you are and actually would love for someone else to be the ‘weirdo’ in the bunch first. It’s funny (no pun intended) the kind of things that inspire people. So put your ego aside and enjoy life. You deserve it!… And maybe, just maybe the people around deserve it as well.

Laughter is therapeutic – on a spiritual, emotional and physical level

I remember watching a video the other day of a guy on a train with his earphones on, laughing hysterically at something he was watching on his iPad and he didn’t care about the people around him. In fact, the people around him started laughing simply because he was laughing. The more he laughed the more they laughed – not even knowing what was so funny, but laughing is so contagious that they couldn’t help themselves.

This to me was pure, unwavering joy! The kind of joy that makes someone even standing at a distance look at the situation and feel warm inside. laughter is truly therapeutic and the more we laugh the more we raise our frequency to happiness and good health. If your laughter allows others to experience the same kind of joy, are you not then making a subtle contribution to humanity?

According to study, laughter has the ability to heal the body of ailment, sickness and disease. Yup, you can actually laugh yourself into a cure. Laughter really has a genuine healing response.

Okay, so I’m going to get a little technical now, but for the sake of science and all other studies, humor me (hehe, see what I did there?)… I promise I’ll be brief.

So when we laugh we release a chemical called endorphins (neuropeptides) which are more popularly known as ‘happy hormones’ – The same kind of hormones that are released during exercise and sex. When this chemical is released it, in turn, spurs a response for such neuropeptides  or short-chain polypeptides to latch on to the immune system and this actually promotes a healthy response to the body. So the more we laugh the healthier we are and the more we make others laugh the healthier they are.

So in short, laughter is great for you! Make a conscious decision to laugh more everyday. You’ll be happier for it and healthier too. ♥

Laughter is like the ‘power-house’ to your bright future!

There are studies that have proven that energy is a constant and renewable life-source. It is the ebb and flow of existence and is the basis of every single thing we see, touch, feel and hear around us everyday. Energy is the gratifying magic of consciousness and awareness that allows us to truly experience what it is like to be human. What better way is there to live than in gratitude for this life sustaining force? What better way is there to be than to be happy and laughing in the delight of life?

I know that so many people might say that life is too serious to be spending your days just laughing and being happy all the time, right? And let’s face it… Who wants go around acting like a cackling idiot in a world full of seriousness? I do, actually! But this isn’t so much about me.

The truth is that so many of us create a bubble for us to live in. A bubble that no one else sees, but us. In this bubble we have the perception that life should be a certain way and almost always we live out that perception day by day. History has shown us this time and time again. Whether it be in our lives or the lives of our parents and their parents and their parents’ parents… right, you catch my drift. So why, when we know that we have the ability within ourselves to live the kind of life that we want, do we still live out the same mundane expressions of those before us?  Well, we are creatures of habit and there is a saying that goes “history repeats itself”, right? You’re 100% correct! And you will maintain this surety for as long as that is your train of thought.

Over time we have learned to believe. We have craved belief in all forms of our existence. Call it religion, spirituality, method, superstition, mantra, or the old “tried and tested” mentality of generations upon generations of men and women. Our brains are wired in a way that programs and computes everything we experience and categorizes it so that if we ever have the same or similar experiences again in our lifetime it will be able to adapt or respond in a familiar way.  Now this can either be to our benefit or detriment, depending on the situation and how we choose to tackle each category. Some events may ignite a feeling of worry or fear. Some may create excitement or joy. What if there was a way to rewire and restart the mind so as to eliminate fear and worry from your mental awareness and allow you to have more of the happy and exciting opportunities in life? What if you could use your conscious awareness to change your beliefs?

Energy has been studied in the metaphysical scientific field for some time now and has shown great progress in understanding what it is. Energy has been proven to influence the world around us and bring about significant change to circumstance if directed positively. One of the highest energy frequencies of influence is laughter. Ever heard the term ‘laughter is the best medicine’? Well it truly is! The beauty of it though is really in the artistry.